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The Decarbonization Route is an alliance between important actors of the economy of Minas Gerais to

accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy, boostgreen investments and jobs and increaseimprove the competitiveness of mining products in the world. We want to build an economy of opportunities for miners and in harmony with the planet.

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The Race to Zero Campaign has the objective of engaging governments, the private sectorvado and the community,

and is the result of growing concern for the environment, climate change and commitment to sustainability.

With that in mind, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) mobilizes global leaders to act by boosting a decarbonized economy, committing to sustainable growth and bringing a positive return to the governments participating in the Paris Climate Agreement, held in 2015 .

On June 9, 2021, Minas Gerais becomesnot the

1st state in Latin America to join the Race to Zero campaign 


Since then, a series of green investments have been announced in the state


We advance more and more in the State:

Leadership in Solar Energy in operation among the states of Brazil

(ANEEL, 2023)

Leadership in Hectares of planted forest among the states of Brazil

(CNA, 2016;

(PEVS) 2020 - IBGE 2021)

99.5% of the matrix in Minas Gerais comes from renewable sources

(CCEE, 2023)

Join the Decarbonization Alliance to:

Contribute to initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality

Share success stories implemented in your organization

Promoting green investments and jobs in Minas Gerais

Be in our mailing list for future events

Thanks you!

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Minas Gerais has a consistent history of commitments made related to the climate agenda. stand out theMinas Gerais State Climate Action Plan (PLAC-MG)and theState Energy and Climate Change Plan - PEMC/MG.  

Presentations made at the preparatory workshop for the Decarbonization Route can be found in our archive directory below:


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Gallery and Presentations

Decarbonization Route

1st preparatory workshop

Calendar of events

Held Events

Preparatory Workshop for the Route to Decarbonization program


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